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Making use of resources from the most beautiful forests in Franche-Comté and Bourgogne, since 1899 our oak sawmill has built up a loyal clientele by concentrating on the quality of the products it offers.


Specializing in planks (boules) intended for use in renovating and restoring old buildings classed as historical monuments, the Mutelet sawmill is able to satisfy all the specific requirements of this activity by offering long, wide boules, whose thickness may be as much as 140 mm.


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Our company can supply square-edged oak sawn into standard or customized pieces, very fine quality oak boules plus exceptional "Special Edge" logs to satisfy all your needs.

Specialising in oak boules used for renovating old buildings and historical monuments, we are able to offer very large oak boules.

Thicknesses of up to 120 mm and lengths of as much as 8.40 m

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